The Wellshire Huron offers the care and support I need in a place I can call home. What truly stands out for me is the sense of community. Everyone is incredibly friendly and kind, creating a pleasant living environment. The food is great, and I appreciate having the option to cook in my apartment if I choose to. My daily routine is balanced and enjoyable. Mornings often start with light exercise sessions, which are just challenging enough to keep us moving, followed by coffee. The afternoons bring different activities. On weekends, they have special movie screenings. I love the flexibility here – I can be social or return to my apartment to relax, watch TV, read, or even nap. The choice is mine. I also appreciate the laundry service. While I can do my laundry, the staff are always willing to take care of it, which is a helpful convenience. What makes The Wellshire truly commendable is how well-maintained and clean the facility is. I recommend The Wellshire Huron to anyone seeking a supportive, caring community. Their helpfulness and friendliness are unmatched, making life here not just comfortable but truly enjoyable.

Eva S.

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